Chia breakfast pudding

Sarah | 23.11.2016 | 02:52:42 | Views: 472
- 2 tbsp chia seeds
- 3/4 cup of almond milk
- Toppings such as berries, banana, avocado, chopped walnuts and almonds or coconut
- 1 tbsp of cacao powder if you would like a chocolate pudding
- A sweetener of your choice (1 tbsp maple syrup works well) if you like it sweet.
Stir the chia seeds into the milk (and cacao and/or sweetener if desired)
Place in a bowl in the fridge and allow seeds to absorb the milk. You can leave the chia pudding in the fridge over night, or wait 15 minutes if you're in a hurry.
Top with your favourite toppings.

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