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Good Shepherd Australian Orthodox Mission

Another English-speaking parish at Monash University, Clayton

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

In Communion - Orthodox Peace Fellowship

A regularly-updated website on social justice issues from an Orthodox perspective

Death to the World

The website which grew from the zine developed by two punk rockers-turned-monks. All about overcoming the passions and achieving true peace. Stories, articles, pictures, saints' lives, downloads.

Glossary of Orthodox Terminology

Daily Readings

Byzantine-style Prosphora (holy bread) recipe
The recipe we've been using!

Father Themi's Blog

Father Themi is the Priest-monk we support in Sierra Leone, who works with Paradise Kids for Africa in providing education, food and empowerment opportunites for youth

Icon New Media Network

Blogs, podcasts, videos. Podcasts - Man in Black, Generation Orthodox, New Dialouges, True Convergence. Blogs - Bringing Church Home, Women Thou Art Awesome. The Path to Prayer. Content includes : "What to do with my art," "Not quite monastic," "Discipline in your spiritual life."

Inspirational Bible Verses

From Wesley Mission. Ancient wisdom on comfort, worry, guidance, illness and pain, new life, prayer, jealousy, failure.

A magazine created to educate and empower the people of Melbourne to live more accountable and sustainable lives, through creating a quarterly magazine, and an online community via its website. Check out its up-and-coming events, get involved in the community, check out recipes + heaps more

Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service

Supporting those in crisis in our area. Some of us volunteer here.

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