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Belgrave Heights Community Market (24.11.2017)
See us from 3-7pm at the Market right outside our church for books, icons, candles and Fairtrade Christmas decorations.

Mental Health First Aid Training in Belgrave (13.08.2017)
Click title for more info. Saturday 26 Aug & 2 Sept, 10am - 5pm How do I know if someone is experiencing a mental health problem? What are the warning signs and risk factors? How do I approach someone? How can I be supportive? This course is designed to teach non health professionals to provide first aid help to a person who is developing or experiencing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis is resolved.

Mental health first aid details

HT picnic and mountain walk (28.07.2017)
Saturday August 5th, a picnic, and mountain walk to remember the Holy Transfiguration of Jesus.

Holy Transfiguration Celebrations (16.07.2017)
You're invited to our next service, Sunday August 6th, our patronal feast, the Transfiguration of Christ, Matins 10am, Liturgy at 11am, lunch to follow.

Metropolitan Paul Saliba asleep in the Lord (15.07.2017)
On the hope of resurrection and eternal life, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, John X announced the repose of bishop Paul Saliba, Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, who has slept in the Lord on the morning of the first of July 2017.

His Eminence encourages us The Holy Mysteries Ordained a sub deacon Preparation for the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

11am, 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (01.02.2017)
Whether you've experienced an Orthodox church service before, or you're just curious about this ancient faith, we'd love to have you - Click for more info.

Don't know what to pray? (31.01.2017)

10 years at HT! (31.07.2016)
Come help us celebrate the feast of the Holy Transfiguration and our church's 10 year anniversary. Click for more details.

Glowing with the light of Christ (30.07.2016)
A three minute clip "Glowing with the light of Christ." Author Frederica Matthewes Green uses an image of Jesus transfigured on the mountain, revealing his true self to his disciples, to illustrate our goal.

What to expect at an Orthodox church service (21.07.2016)
Dear Friend, We're glad that you're coming to visit. I thought I'd write to let you know a little of what happens at an Orthodox church service.

Learning about the Orthodox church videos (20.07.2016)
"Welcome to the Orthodox Church" A youtube channel of 2-3 minute videos explaining various elements of the Orthodox church.

On the Transfiguration, by St Gregory Palamas (19.07.2016)
A sermon on the Holy Transfiguration of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by St Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thesselonica.

Struggling with the Jesus Prayer (03.07.2016)
I have struggled with the Jesus prayer. I've tried. I've relegated it to the position of something that would be nice to do, if I had the time.

Easter Services (Held at Good Shepherd) (22.04.2016)
Easter Services at Good Shepherd Orthodox Church, Religious Centre Monash University, Clayton Palm Sunday 24th 10am - 12pm Children lead a procession around the outside of the church carrying candles and singing.

A guide to Holy Week - The lead up to Easter (14.04.2016)
Here is a day by day explanation of Holy Week (the week leading up to Pascha aka Easter), for those who are interested in learning how Orthodox Christians have been commemorating (and ultimately celebrating) this event for over 1,500 years.

Extra services in Lent. (27.03.2016)
Week 1- 13/3 Cheesefare Sunday Thursday 17/3 Book study / Canon of St Andrew Week 2- 20/3 Sunday of Orthodoxy Divine Liturgy

New family fees and sponsorship details for retreat at Goulburn. (14.03.2016)
A retreat for Australian, Christian Orthodox, English speaking, convert, mission parishes and those who wish there were more of them 25th - 28th March, 2016 Plus an optional extra week to stay and relax, or explore the local area.

Retreat information brochure - new family prices + sponsorship options (04.03.2016)
Download the full information brochure here for all you need to know about attending the retreat. There's also a one page flyer for you to download

Register for Retreat Here (29.02.2016)
Click here to register

Retreat Program (28.02.2016)
Friday 25th March Arrive and orientation. 5.30pm A light dinner will be served for you to help yourself.

Orthodox Study Group, 7pm, 2nd and 4th Thursday (14.02.2016)
Orthodox study group, reading various books that suit the needs of the people attending. Kids study group at 6pm, Dinner at 6.30pm, and Adults study

Soupees, Free soup every Friday, Main Street, Upwey, from 3pm. (07.02.2016)
Fridays, Main street, Upwey. Drop by for a chat and a cup of soup or a piece of pizza in the main street.

English speaking Orthodox church services in Melbourne and surrounds (06.02.2016)
English speaking only parishes Holy Transfiguration, Belgrave Heights Good Shepherd, Clayton Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs, Mirboo North, and Wonthaggi St Photini's, Mt Ridley/Craigieburn Holy Ascension, Williamstown Mission of the Holy Fathers, Warrnambool English services.

Why I want to fast to prepare for Christmas. (14.10.2015)
My own personal reasons for attempting an Advent fast. Towards the end of my Boost juice tropical ice cream I remembered that today was the start of the advent fast.

4 week study group - Introducing God (03.10.2015)
Exploring the Divine in Orthodox Christianity. Starting Thursday October 8th, then 22/10, 5/11, 19/11 plus we've added bonus weeks 3/12, 17/12.

TS Eliot The dove descending breaks the air (07.06.2015)
A fragment of a poem by TS Eliot about the Holy Spirit (From Four Quartets). The dove descending breaks the air With flame of incandescent terror Of which the tongues declare The one discharge from sin and error.

Pentecost Celebration (30.05.2015)
Sunday 31/5 4pm Lantern making, 5pm Evening prayers, 6pm Dinner and fire. Please email for more info.

Easter Services (30.03.2015)
Please join Good Shepherd Church in the religious centre at Monash University. Monday 7.30 Tuesday 7.30 Wednesday 7.30 Thursday 8pm Friday 7.30p

Fasting in Modern Times (09.03.2015)
A PDF presentation Fr. John presented to St George's youth retreat.

Do you fast? - St John Chrysostom (08.03.2015)
"Do You Fast? Give me proof of it by your works. If you see a poor man, take pity on him. If you see a friend being honoured, do not envy him.

Weekly school breakfasts (07.03.2015)
Gav and team provide a weekly school breakfast at local primary schools. Please get in contact if you'd like to help.

Pentecost Festival - Sat Jun 7 (01.06.2014)
Saturday June 7th Pentecost prayers at 5pm at 127 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights. Dinner and outdoor fire at 6pm.

19/1 Reader's Service (18.01.2014)
Belgrave Heights, 127 Colby Drive, 11am Historical Society Old church. Fr. John is away this week, so we'll meet to pray the reader's service together

Christmas Nativity Service - 24/12 (15.12.2013)
Christmas Nativity Matins, 7.30pm at Good Shepherd Orthodox Church, Relgious Centre, Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton.

Liturgy St Photini's - 22/12 (15.12.2013)
Fr. John will be at St Photini's, Mother Theresa Primary School, Windrock Ave, Mount Ridley. Liturgy at 10.30am

Soupees & Nativity Display - 20/12 (15.12.2013)
Gav will be in Main St, Upwey, this Friday, as every Friday, from 1pm. Drop by for some soup, pizza and a chat.

Liturgy this Sunday 17/3 (15.03.2013)
Please join us for this special Sunday, Forgiveness Sunday. 11am, followed by Cheesefare lunch.

Liturgy every Third Sunday at Belgrave Heights (15.02.2013)
The Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 11am every third Sunday of the month. We meet at 109 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights, in the little cream church nex

Soupees - every Friday Main Street Upwey (13.02.2013)
Come join Gav for a cup of soup and a chat in the main street of Upwey. Afternoon and evening.

This Sunday, Nov 18 - 11am Liturgy (16.06.2012)
At Holy Transfiguration, 109 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights

This Saturday, 17th Nov - Soupees at Grassroots Market, Upwey (15.05.2012)
We are giving away free soup at the Upwey market. Please join us, or stop by for a chat.

Study - The Orthodox Way (11.01.2012)
Each Monday, 6pm for dinner, 7pm for study, Belgrave Heights- A study of the ancient faith. God is hidden yet revealed; the problem with evil; the meaning of faith; prayer; death and what lies beyond; issues as affecting the whole of life; revealing Orthodoxy not just as a system of beliefs, practices and customs but indeed as the Way.

Soupees - every Friday (30.12.2011)
Main Street, Upwey. Come support Gav and friends supplying free soup and a listening ear each Friday night.

Saturday 24th December (20.12.2011)
7.30pm at Good Shepherd Orthodox Church, Religious Centre, Monash University, Clayton.

Sunday 18th Dec (17.12.2011)
11am at 109 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights (Historical Society Church.) Sunday before the Nativity of Christ and Sunday of the Geneology of Christ.

Sunday Nov 20 (19.11.2011)
12 pm We're visiting Gav at soupees at the Upwey Market. Main Street, Upwey.

Service Sunday 16th October - Belgrave Heights (18.06.2011)
Divine Liturgy at 11am. 109 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights The little cream church next to the Historical Society.

The Festival of Pentecost (12.06.2011)
The Feast of Holy Pentecost is celebrated each year on the fiftieth day after the Great and Holy Feast of Pascha (Easter) and ten days after the Feast of the Ascension of Christ.

Pentecost by Jacqui Grace

Pentecost Festival - June 12 (10.06.2011)
Divine Liturgy, fire, story telling and dinner. Gembrook Retreat, 215 Beenak East Road, Gembrook

Easter Gatherings (13.04.2011)
WEDNESDAY day, 20/4 Decorating Easter Eggs - 10.30am Time to start getting those eggs ready. We'll be using a tradtional method which uses onion skins and food dye to colour the eggs in striking patterns.

Sunday 27th Feb, 11am at Belgrave (23.02.2011)
Old St Martin's Church, 109 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights If you've been wanting to come and see what an Orthodox service is like, here's your chance Come along and say hello We'd love to see you Click the date above for more info.

Bible Study (04.02.2011)
First Saturday of the month, 4pm, followed by dinner. Email contact at for more details.

New meeting dates at Gembrook (22.01.2011)
Hi all, We will be having services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at St Silas Anglican Church, Gembrook (92 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd).

Christmas Greetings (24.12.2010)
Christmas Greetings to you on this day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

You are invited to our Christmas Eve Celebrations (19.12.2010)
Please join us for our Christmas Eve Celebrations. 5.30pm join us as we tell the Christmas Story through word and Christmas Carols.

HT now meeting at St. Silas', Gembrook (19.12.2010)
We're now meeting at the beautiful and historic St. Silas' Anglican Church in Main Street, Gembrook. Next service is our Christmas Eve service, 5.30pm

Sunday 17th October (15.10.2010)
Divine Liturgy - 11am at 101 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights. The old St Martin's church - the little cream one with a stained glass window.

Happy 50th Birthday Father John! :-) (30.07.2010)

Transfiguration Festival: August 4th and 8th. (30.07.2010)
Please join us to celebrate our parish's Transfiguration Festival next Sunday 8th August. We will be having a liturgy at The Mindstream Centre, Emerald, followed by a bit of a festival for lunch, music and games.

Holy Transfiguration of Christ (19.07.2010)
Folks, our travelers have returned, and we're nearly back into the swing of things at HT The Holy Transfiguration festival is coming up in early Au

Meetings at Emerald (10.04.2010)
Meeting at The Mindstream Centre, 345 Main Street, Emerald. We will be having services less frequently at Belgrave Heights, and more often at Emerald, to make things a bit easier for our Gembrook and Cockatoo friends.

Welcome. Please check our meeting times. (20.02.2010)
We meet together for morning prayers and Divine Liturgy two Sundays a month. Once a month we meet for bible study and prayer on Saturday afternoon, followed by dinner. Festivals and events are held to celebrate important times of the year. With our move to St.

Seven commandments for Lent (20.02.2010)
7 Testaments for Great Lent Eat well, give up addictions, pray more, read about Jesus, worship with others, clear your mind of vanities, reach for your goal.

Fr. John on local radio (18.02.2010)
Listen to Fr. John on The Sky Circus with Gav on 97.1FM 3MDR local radio. He's just walked into the studio and his first question is, "Explain suffering." "That's a big one," he laughs.

Random acts of kindness - Service without admiration (02.01.2010)
Elaine Prevallet writes… When I was in the novitiate, in my early twenties, I decided to do one small act of kindness each day that was completely unknown to anyone.

Beginning of Nativity Fast (14.11.2009)
November the 15th marks the beginning of our preparation for the Feast of the Nativity. The webpage of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in America has some good articles on this season of "joyous fasting" and anticipation.

Holy Transfiguration - Our day. (25.07.2009)
The day the Orthodox church celebrates the Holy Transfiguration of Jesus is our church's big day. It's our name day, our patronal festival, our party day.

Icon of the Holy Transfiguraiton Daffodils and wattle for transformation and light The little entrance The reading from the gospel Mountain top view Kite flying Mountain top view Wattle

Pentecost (30.05.2009)
We're heading up to Gembrook for our Pentecost festival, 5.30pm on Saturday 6th June. Evening prayers and a night around the camp fire.

Evening Prayers (Vespers) Explaining the Pentecost Icon Painting Pentecost Flags to decorate the church Fireside Activities Contemplating Fireside

Christ is Risen! (17.04.2009)
Christ is Risen! A blessed Easter to everyone. Click on the "Christ is Risen" title above, then click here to see an Orthodox Easter service.

Weekly Lenten messages from the Metropolitan (02.04.2009)
Check out the new Australian Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese website and a message from His Eminence Metropolitan Paul.

Bushfire Tragedy (09.02.2009)
We pray for those who affected by the fires, friends and neighbours who have lost loved ones and homes.

A great contemplation (25.12.2008)
Watch and reflect. A beautiful Arabic Christmas Carol (link to youtube

Christmas Eve service at Good Shepherd parish (21.12.2008)
This Christmas Eve (Wednesday night) we will join with our brothers and sisters at the Good Shepherd parish at Monash University, Clayton.

Advent Gatherings (14.12.2008)
Hi folks, Make time to prepare for Christmas. Last Saturday we lit the next advent candle, ate dinner around the fire at Gembrook and made standing dolls for nativity scenes.

Pentecost Festival (15.06.2008)
We headed out bush to the Gembrook Retreat for our Pentecost evening prayers. In a little hesian lined hut with no electricity we prayed together by lantern light, the room aglow with candles.

Evening Prayers (Vespers) Explaining the Pentecost Icon Painting Pentecost Flags to decorate the church Fireside Activities Contemplating Fireside

Raising kids is tough! (13.06.2008)
Allow me to encourage you in the important job you are doing raising your children.Raising children is the most important job anyone can do.And in keeping with the most important job, it is tough.

Ascension Day (03.06.2008)
This Thursday is when we celebrate the Holy Ascension, when Christ ascended to the right hand of His Father...

A saint for people living in the forest of belgrave hts :-) (03.06.2008)
Commemorated 2 June: St. Adalgis of Novara, Priest Hermit (Died c. 686) (also known as Adelgis, Algise, Algis) Adalgis, an Irish monk and disciple of Saint Fursey (January 16), holds a place in the folklore of northern and eastern France...

Holy Week at HT (20.04.2008)
This week we are celebrating the Holy Unction service in our parish. Come along on Wednesday 23rd April, 7pm, to the old St Martin's church hall, Belgrave Heights.

On the Autumn Lenten Season (18.03.2008)
As I reflect on the purposes of Lent, a season of fasting, reflection, dying to our attachments, I feel glad that I have finally managed to understand the universality of a Christian season for a southern hemisphere season also! It always seems so northern hemisphere oriented, but now I am seeing that perhaps its just a matter of perspective.

Study Group (18.03.2008)
The Ladder of Divine Ascent is the work of 6th century monk Saint John Climacus. In this work he lays out for monastics the path to raising one's soul to the Divine.

Christmas Prayers (20.12.2007)
Nativity Evening Prayers with our Bishop Sunday 23rd, 6pm at Belgrave Heights: Old St Martin's Chapel, Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights Preparing to celebrate the nativity with candlelight, ancient prayers and chants.

St Nicholas Fair Trade Bazaar and Family Picnic (06.12.2007)
This exciting event is being hosted by the Good Shepherd Orthodox community at Monash University on Sunday the 9th December Click on the Image below

Preparing for Christmas (06.12.2007)
Every Saturday of advent, 5pm - 6-30pm, a get-together to do some preparations, share some stories and traditions and learn some ancient chants.

The spiritual nature of Fasting (22.11.2007)
An excellent article here by Bishop Kallistos Ware on pre-Easter fasting that covers all times of fasting and shows how not to become an irritable legalist! Fasting without prayer is unhealthy.

Metropolitan Paul blesses Holy Transfiguration mission (20.11.2007)
Click on the title to view larger images.

His Eminence encourages us The Holy Mysteries Ordained a sub deacon Preparation for the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

Child-labor Chocolate for Christmas? (04.11.2007)
The real story behind that block of chocolate in the Christmas stocking has hit mainstream media: 'The Age' has highlighted the child slave labour that goes into much of the world's cocoa production.

Fair Trade logo

Welcome to the HT community! (30.10.2007)
Holy Transfiguration is a new mission, started in 2007. - Check the calendar for when our services are on, and the map for where we meet.- Contact us for more information on service dates and times.

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